Lamborghini Aventador Being The Batmobile

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Toughness of Bruce Wayne action as Batman, will appear more amaze s in his latest film titled Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Because the actions of the superhero will be equipped with an amazing car. In the new film will be released on July 20, 2012, the latest product from Lamborghini will accompanying Bruce Wayne action in several scenes of the film.

The vehicles will be used by Wayne later is the Lamborghini Aventador. As reported by Autoevolution on Thursday (30/06/2011), the automotive journalists assess the Lamborghini is the most appropriate vehicle for Gotham city hero with the champ.

Although initially Lambo Aventador look very flat and did not show an aura of Batmobile, but thanks to the skill and ingenuity of Lucius Fox, Lambo Aventador seemed to reflect the identity of Batman so it deserves to be called as the Batmobile.

So be prepared to see the Batman in action with this V12 engine vehicle sped excelently fight the crime.

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