The Husqvarna 900 Spyshoot !!!

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The first street from Husqvarna bike finally started showing his form! Streetbike this prototype caught on camera while doing some testing in Munich, Germany which is the headquarters of BMW.

The design of 900cc street bike
have many similarities with the previous sketches. This Streetbike has tall feet like supermoto style. In designs as interesting as the KTM Duke. One of the interesting part of spy shot photo is sightings of BMW logo on the right engine block. This proves the news that the latest Husqvarna uses BMW F800R that bore up to of 900cc.

Perhaps one reason why Husqvarna using BMW engines that bored up is to get more power but still has a light weight machine.

What kind first mass-production version of this Husqvarna streetbike? We'll wait together.

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