A few About Honda CR-Z Mugen

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Developer of concept the new Honda CR-Z Mugen quietly moving more solid.

The car is designed to be the attacker on streets Welsh mountain before appearing in the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in July 2011.

By collaborating with Mugen Honda UK and the Euro, the new Honda CR-Z paired with i-VTEC engine that has received 1.5 liters supercharger and also Honda's IMA system.

Although the specification in details now can not be translated overall because the development of this concept has not been completed, but the results of the first test of these products promise a strong performance.

Maximum power that can be produced from these vehicles still not yet known, but in mid-tune, the engine produces 0-60mph (0-98 km / h) or equivalent with Honda Civic Type R.

MUGEN said that they were wear out of the results after they add an additional 15 percent under the bonnet than the level of tune 'Stage 1'.

Although there is a big wing on the rear, this vehicle has also been reduce about 50 kilograms (110 lbs).

"We have used three driving modes ranging from standard and up to about the economy, from 50 + mpg until the mid-30 mpg when entering the supercharged power in a special Mugen mode," said Colin Whittamore from Mugen Euro.

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