Zero S, The Best Electric Motorcycle

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Zero electric motorcycle manufacturer Motorcycle, awarded as the e-Bike of the Year by one model, namely an electric motorcycle, Zero S. Zero received this prestigious award during the show Europe's Clean Week 2020.

Awards received by Zero is a new category in the annual event featuring technological advances in electric and hybrid vehicles.

This year Zero comes with some improvements in a many parts, both in terms of technical and appearance. Not only the Zero S, but other models such as the Zero DS is also changed. Now, each model is able to charge the battery power two times faster than previous models.

Moreover, the rider are also given Another advantage, that the charging battery that can be used in public J1772 using optional accessories. This tool is the first in electric motorcycle.

Not only that, all the Zero line up have been completed by suspension system that has been upgraded, Z-Force engine that has been revised, faster charging, new brakes with performance more qualified, and industrial-standard components features.

"Zero team has worked very hard to develop an electric motor capable of satisfying consumers in terms of performance, quality, and best overall riding experience." Scot Harden said, He is The Vice President of Global Marketing Zero Motorcycle, as reported by autoevolution.

"We are very proud to be choosen as the winner of the Clean Week 2020. This award highlights the innovation and satisfaction of Zero Motorcycle provide to worldwide consumers,"he said.

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