Modification : RAD02 Corsa EVO by Radical Ducati

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Radical Ducati Spain modificator has never failed to impress when modifying the Ducati. Radical Ducati able to steal the attention with Pursang RAD02, interesting combination between supermoto, streetfighter and cafe racer. Then come back to the Monster Raceric custom.

This time, they pulled the sportbike lovers segment. Their latest project is called RAD02 Corsa, with the meaning moniker 02 that is suitable for race or track bike that can be used daily.

RAD02 Corsa equipped with the 4.2 kg custom aluminum frame, subframe and swingarm accompanied by matching the structural parts. Motorcycle power Equity is taken from the Corsa Evo 1100. Part of the original Corsa still be used, including one-piece seat and tail to reduce weight, a lighter rear subframe and a redesigned front fairing.

Single seat has been designed by Spanish designer Carlos Beltran. While the fairing is works from Dragon Motorcycle TT. Basically, the only similarity with the the previous Corsa is the fuel tank. Radical Ducati says it is too perfect to be changed. Components of Motorcycle RAD02 new Corsa can be seen in the picture. Unfortunately, Radical Ducati has not provided a full specification sheet of this super Motorcycle engine.

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