Rossi Will Build The RossiLand

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A lot of money plus a predicate as a world champion nine times in world Grand Prix racing, it makes rider Valentino Rossi became a very famous and be able to buy anything. Well associated with other ambitions, it turns out Rossi also has a dream to have the integrated area in the arena of motorsport. Rossi's latest news is already bought acres of land in Tavulia Italy to be used as plantation and also as a platform to deliver its ambitions on motocross world. In addition to this land will be built for motocross circuit, will also be built museum to accommodate the all sweet memories of Rossi here.

"Rossi had bought ​​50 hectares land area in Tavulia, where he will build a house and a special circuit for motocross. As developers, we became accommodate Rossi's desire to have it. We also added to build the museum as a repository for stuff memories of Rossi, such as trophy, motorcycle, and everything that reflects a Rossi, "said Bruno del Moro as the leader RossiLand development company.

This is a second business area after Rossi also building a Pizza stores in the city where he lived. Predicted is not just the motocross land only will to be built here, but the integrated motorsport area, like those owned by Kenny Roberts at his home.


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