Honda CBF 700 2012, Superbike With Automatic Transmission

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Honda ready to hit the world's Superbike market again, after being designed and tested the Honda CBF 700 2012. Motorcycles with big engine capacity, will use the automatic transmission.

While Honda doing the test session, a photographer from Netherlands get the exclusive pictures of the CBF 700. 700cc motorcycle by using parallel twin engine and dual clutch and transmission like VFR1200F.

Pictures of Brenda Priddy & Company who take the CBF 700 photo in the Alps last week, now undergoing final testing with the Honda Research and Development. Reportedly CBF 700 will be officially presented in November at Milan Motor Show and will be released to the market in 2012.

Honda tried to develop big motor variants by using a mix of high technology. Honda target leading to the biker who has long-rending or scooter class that demands ease of use and low operating costs.

CBF 700 2012 entry in the naked bike category, after appearing without a fairing. But, has the front to the rear lamp design that does not change.

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