Yamaha V Star 950 and 950 Tourer, For Touring Variants

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Yamaha Star Motorcycles North America Division, has begun designing the latest model. One of them is the New V Star 950 and 950 Tourer. Both models will be available at Yamaha dealers starting July 2011.

2012 V Star 950 comes in Liquid Silver or Candy Red MSRP retail price of USD8.490 (Rp72, 3 million). While the V Star 950 Tourer comes in Raven or Impact Blue with an MSRP retail price of USD9.490 (Rp80, 8 million).

V Star 950 and V Star 950 Tourer
Variants able to reach fuel savings up to 47mpg, with estimated fuel tanks that can accommodate 4.5 gallons or 17 liters.

The Tourer comes with windshield, leather wrapped with a box seat side and passenger backrest. The Tourer ready for use on the open road or travel to school and work. Fenders of both model are steel-based.

942cc V-twin engine that is simple but advanced. Equipped with engine coolant that may look conventional. But, you will find a great engine with four-valve cylinder heads, ceramic-composite lined cylinder, aluminum pistons and fuel injection. 2 into1 exhaust system into an exhaust pipe that uses 3-way catalyst technology to reduce air pollution

The casing is carefully designed and contribute to give light taste for rider. Double-cradle steel frame offers the ideal balance and stiffness in longitudinal, lateral and tensional. Engine mounting position slightly to the forward for optimized the front-rear distribution weight. The front wheels measuring 18 inches.

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