Ducati Superbike 1199 Tested on The Street of Italia!

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The figure of the prospective new Superbike Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati 1199 seen on the streets of the Pizza country. Although only visible from behind, but obviously if 1199 is not just a facelift version like the Ducati on its predecessor, namely 1098 and 1099.

This can be seen from the form of a red tail motor is more slender, and form a sharp right turn signal rear-owned Ducati Street Fighter.

Not only that, the design of the stern is also more simple and sharp with alpanya exhaust pit, or undertail muffler which has been the hallmark of these bikes from the city of Bologna.

Instead, exhaust tip was moved in the rear fairing, precisely in front of the swing arm. Location of exhaust tip is generally applied to the V-Twin engine motorcycles like Harley Davidson or a Buell Firebolt.

However, the legs are still guarded by the system up side down in front, and single arm, which is also the hallmark of Ducati on the back.

Of the sectors fairing, Ducati will also depose lawasnya display. Looked at the photograph, the shape of a sharp wind breaker surrounding this sector. Whether this is just a camouflage, or indeed would like this form.

Well, like what the original form? Time will tell guys!


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