Suzuki GSX-R750, The New Generation Of 750cc Superbike from Suzuki

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This is the latest generation of Suzuki 750cc bikes which is a revision of the previous version. This bike should appear in the year 2010, but was postponed because of Suzuki's financial condition was worse and the American motorcycle market was quiet. It was only in 2011, this bike was launched.

These bikes are not just getting a facelift by Suzuki, the engine also gets a revised and additional various other accessories. Although the 2011 Suzuki GSX-R750 will not offer more power than the model year 2010, with revised engines and other components make the model year 2011 to be 9 kg lighter. More precisely now the weight of the Suzuki GSX-R750 is 188.6 kg.

One component is the revised front forks are now using Showa Big Piston Forks (BPF) measuring 43 mm, thus reducing weight and also improve handling. Weight is also reduced arm swing behind him 900 grams. And the fans Brembo certainly rejoice, because the second motor is getting a special set of radial front caliper mounting.

The only change in the light of the previous model is the four air holes that were stacked next to the main light which is now more streamlined. The main lights are now containing an array of high and low lights, to place the 600 and 750 align with their older brother, GSX-R1000. Both motors are designed by Japanese designer Shigeru Uchiyama, who also designed the GSX-R1000, so no wonder they look similar.

So, are you ready to ride this beautiful bike ? :) Prodigy frontman has proved the greatness of this superbike.

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