Rossi: Ducati GP12 So Satisfying!

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Yesterday, Valentino Rossi tested the Ducati GP12 using the 1000cc engine. The Doctor admitted satisfied with the performance of bike that will use for 2012 season.

This is the third time Rossi tested the bike GP12. Previously, he and Nicky Hayden did the same in Jerez, for two days last month. Rossi gives advice to develop the bike, the same was done at Mugello today.

With Filippo Preziosi, Franco Battiani and Vittoriano Guareschi has successfully completed two days mengefaluasi GP12 bike, Rossi's turn to try out bike on the third day, which is where The Doctor complete 60 lap without any problems.

"I'm very happy, because this is a very positive test. We took full advantage with something we have, because the track and weather conditions are perfect," The Doctor said.

Although this is still the beginning of bike development, but Rossi was very impressed with the improved performance of bike GP12, which has developed since it first tested the same bike, last month.

"We started the test around 11:00 and we finish 60 rounds,
GP12 bike without having problems. We try all the planned Preziosi and we are very satisfied. Although only early stages, but we are in the right direction," he said.

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