F1 Grand Prix Spain Free Practice 2011

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Red Bull immediately step on the gas at the Spanish Grand Prix first free practice. Mark Webber emerged as the fastest racer Sebastian Vettel followed in second place.

In the free practice session that took place under sunny weather, on Friday (20/05/2011), Webber incised 1:25,142 seconds record time at the beginning of the session. Note these can not be countered by the other racers and last for a half hour running session.

Vettel emerged as the second fastest rider with a difference of more than one second behind his team mate's. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso, the host driver, came in fourth position behind Nico Rosberg.

As reported by Autosport, Alonso's teammate, Felipe Massa, ranked only 16. He became the first driver in this session is to carve a record time, before finally record his time was defeated by Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.

Rookie Sergio Perez emerged as the fastest racer in fifth with Lewis Hamilton and Schumacher beat in positions six and seven.

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