Honda NSF250R Ready To Ride in USA

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American Honda Motor Corporation proudly presents the 2012 HRC NSF250R. This motor has a completeness as a motor racing. In 2012, Honda will distribute globally. This motor is also legally used in USGPRU Moto 3 dab Wera Motorcycle Road Racing, or some kind of local racing events.

"NSF250 engine developed exclusively for road racing. To ensure superior quality and greater potential in the commercial racing machine, we do development concept lightweight motor, engine efficiency and technological progress makes the machine very suitable for racing," said Honda.

With a 249cc DOHC single-cylinder engine, showing the power of racing machines and the maximum response. Energy intake and exhaust from front to rear to increase air charging efficiency. The slope of the cylinder 15 degrees increase the stability of the machine. Great power for high rpm range and system which combines titanium valves DOHC. The new design also offers increased efficiency of the air filling with raim-air intake, with 50-mm diameter bore.

Details of the concept of the chassis, Honda explained that the basic concept of the chassis mengaciu RS125R. Frame NSF250R RS125R similar to that. To optimize the balance and the torque of the 4-stroke engine, frame specification is determined from the actual test and CAE analysis.

A swing arm and frame configuration of the motor produces a structure that allows the characteristics of the motor becomes more refined. Overall, improved stability during braking, but still nimble when bulldoze the bend.

In the United States NSF250R will become part of American Honda's 2012 program and compete with all models of CBR. NSF250R will be available at dealerships and can be ordered on 2 September, but the new will be distributed in February 2012. The price of one unit in the U.S. reached NSF250R USD28, 599 or about Rp244 million.

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