Harley Davidson Fat Boy Special For Indian Market

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American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson (HD) re-add to the ranks of his motorcycle in the Indian market. Manufacturers based in Milwaukee was officially launched its special edition HD Fat Boy. That way, the Fat Boy complements the existing 14 model.
Display special HD Fat Boy has dominated paras gahar with black bandage disekujur body. This can be seen on the front and rear fender, lamp cover, tank, seat, chassis to the wheels.

Fat Boy holding a Twin Cam four stroke engines with air conditioning and a capacity of 1584 cc engine mated to a manual 6-speed Cruise tramsmisi Hard.

In the land of Hindustan, this model became one of the best seller. Therefore HD Fat Boy gives special for lovers moge in India.

HD Fat Boy is also in demand in the film world famous actors recorded using this bike as a flagship ride, including Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator II movie, John Travolta and Tim Allen in Wild Hogs. Besides the movie The Soprano, Bulworth and the Renegade also use this bike.

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