Yamaha Raptor 125, The Girly ATV

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There are unique from the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is the latest from Yamaha America. Varian is far from the Raptor 125 ATV habit which generally rely on looks fierce and manly. Raptor 125 actually display the coquettish figure on its body.

Looked through the blend of pink and white on the body of a sharp angular equipped tebeng engine protector on the side. And headlamp in the middle fairingnya cute.

In addition to looking attractive body colors, the dimensions of the Raptor 125 is slightly smaller than her sister the Raptor 250. So the Raptor 125 is more easily driven by women.

Equipped with seats as high as 28 inches of ground clearance makes the Raptor 125 is quite low, and facilitate the rise and fall of the user. Meanwhile, the position of the handlebars is also concerned with the placement in an ideal position to support the driving comfort.

The more comfortable, guarded front suspension double wishbone system preloaded with a five-way adjustable shocks that can be customized to improve handling. In addition, this ATV apply three disc brakes to stop the four wheels.

As a source of power, this ATV grafting SOHC 4-stroke engine 124 cc volume air conditioning equipped with 29 mm BSR Mikuni carburetor. In addition, 2WD ATV is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and the exhaust hole in three, which is also used on the Raptor 250. (Motorplus-online.com)

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