BM Boxer 150, The Classic Bike From Bajaj

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Bajaj Auto which is a motorcycle manufacturer from India has issued a BM Boxer 150 some time ago. BM Boxer 150 is produced to meet demand in the Indian community residing in rural areas.

As reported by Motorbeam on Wednesday (08/24/2011), BM Boxer 150 is powered by a 150cc engine that does not use DTSi. But tuned to produce more torque. Bajaj Auto intentionally make this bike with a classic design.

Furthermore, for drum brakes and motor spidometernya theme of the 80-year identical to the classic and unique.

This motor is at first glance like the old production motorcycle. However, this bike is no less interesting with Bajaj motorcycle others already spread in India.

Meanwhile, the price, this bike is priced at Rs 43,000. This price is quite cheap for the motor with a 150cc engine. And, Boxer BM 150 is also available in several color variants. So India's rural residents can be stylish when using this motor.

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