Edwards Will Leave Yamaha Tech 3 Racing Team?

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Colin Edwards certainly would notstay the team of Yamaha Tech 3 racing again began next season. Therefore, Edwards reportedly will strengthen one of the new team which will appear in MotoGP 2012.

As reported by the website of Autosport, Saturday (09/03/2011), the announcement was made ​​at a press conference ahead of the MotoGP race at San Marino. Thus, then Edwards will be a career as a rider in MotoGP for 10 years.

Edwards is rumored to be joining one Moto2 team, which is rumored to be joining the MotoGP next year. Under the new regulations, then a small team can get the chassis and engine with ease.

However, no further details about what the package will be used by Edwards. This decision, then the drivers from the United States ended the rest of the cooperation contract that was recorded last for three years with Tech 3.

As is known, Edwards began his career as a MotoGP rider by strengthening the Aprilia team. After that, riders born Houston, Texas off to Honda and only lasted one season.

Later, Edwards went on a career as a Yamaha rider. He spent time as a companion while strengthening Valentino Rossi Yamaha factory, before strengthening the Tech 3 satellite team.


KTM Duke 200 Entering The Malaysian Market

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In mid-August, the KTM Duke 125 officially entered the Singapore market. KTM Duke 200 now enliven the two-wheeler market neighboring countries, Malaysia.

As reported by Motorbeam, KTM Duke KTM 200 will be assembled by Malaysia through a system of CKD. Duke 200 components imported directly from the Bajaj Auto as a partner of KTM Chakan plant. The new phase will begin its own production by the end of the year and early next year delivery plan. KTM Duke 200 Malaysia only assemble as many as three units only as an example of a model and promotions.

Duke 200 Duke 125 with no differences in the dimensions and features that set it apart just mere machine. Duke 200 carrying the 4-stroke engine DOHC 4 valve liquid-cooled with injection combustion system. This machine is claimed to be capable of blowing power by 22 horsepower.

KTM Duke is a streetfighter model is quite attracted worldwide attention. This motor has a very strong character of the street bike. Firm lines on the tank, the body until the engine cover menguakatkan increasingly aggressive impression on this bike. Plus chassis turbular which makes them look muscular.

In the legs, 125 Duke adopts upside down and monoshock shock behind. Braking system has also been put on both front and rear discs. Stocky appearance thanks to the crossbar with a dressing wheel tire size 110/70 R 17 front and rear 150/60 R 17.

Unfortunately Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI) as the sole agent of Bajaj in Indonesia can not be sure when the KTM Duke entered the national market.

BM Boxer 150, The Classic Bike From Bajaj

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Bajaj Auto which is a motorcycle manufacturer from India has issued a BM Boxer 150 some time ago. BM Boxer 150 is produced to meet demand in the Indian community residing in rural areas.

As reported by Motorbeam on Wednesday (08/24/2011), BM Boxer 150 is powered by a 150cc engine that does not use DTSi. But tuned to produce more torque. Bajaj Auto intentionally make this bike with a classic design.

Furthermore, for drum brakes and motor spidometernya theme of the 80-year identical to the classic and unique.

This motor is at first glance like the old production motorcycle. However, this bike is no less interesting with Bajaj motorcycle others already spread in India.

Meanwhile, the price, this bike is priced at Rs 43,000. This price is quite cheap for the motor with a 150cc engine. And, Boxer BM 150 is also available in several color variants. So India's rural residents can be stylish when using this motor.

The All New Yamaha Exciter 135 2011 Gallery

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Lowest model, Exciter R that is not equipped with a manual clutch and still use 4 speed transmission was performed cool with tartan abstract. The design is typical of young children but the choice is red white and black color makes it sporty. Another variant is already 5 RC exciter speed and manual clutch is more brave with color choices of yellow, red, maroon and white. Graphics firm and semi-tribal also seems fine. Most striking is the exciter GP, there is only one choice looks blue-white color typical of racing bike
Another variant is already 5 RC exciter speed and manual clutch is more brave with color choices of yellow, red, maroon and white. Graphics firm and semi-tribal also seems fine. Most striking is the exciter GP, there is only one choice looks blue-white color typical of racing bike

Yamaha Raptor 125, The Girly ATV

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There are unique from the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is the latest from Yamaha America. Varian is far from the Raptor 125 ATV habit which generally rely on looks fierce and manly. Raptor 125 actually display the coquettish figure on its body.

Looked through the blend of pink and white on the body of a sharp angular equipped tebeng engine protector on the side. And headlamp in the middle fairingnya cute.

In addition to looking attractive body colors, the dimensions of the Raptor 125 is slightly smaller than her sister the Raptor 250. So the Raptor 125 is more easily driven by women.

Equipped with seats as high as 28 inches of ground clearance makes the Raptor 125 is quite low, and facilitate the rise and fall of the user. Meanwhile, the position of the handlebars is also concerned with the placement in an ideal position to support the driving comfort.

The more comfortable, guarded front suspension double wishbone system preloaded with a five-way adjustable shocks that can be customized to improve handling. In addition, this ATV apply three disc brakes to stop the four wheels.

As a source of power, this ATV grafting SOHC 4-stroke engine 124 cc volume air conditioning equipped with 29 mm BSR Mikuni carburetor. In addition, 2WD ATV is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission and the exhaust hole in three, which is also used on the Raptor 250. (Motorplus-online.com)

Elena Myers Impression after testing Suzuki GSV-R at Indianapolis

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Pretty young woman rider from the AMA Supersport Championship Racing, Elena Myers made his debut in MotoGP when it fell on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit Thursday. At that time he successfully completed five laps of the circuit along the 4216 meters.

This year 17 riders rode the machine Rizla Suzuki GSV-R's Alvaro Bautista, Bautista witnessed by myself and several other MotoGP stars. Myers felt confident and impressed with the drive motor to a speed of 190 mph.

"Wow! I can not say anything more, it is an extraordinary experience. My gratitude is not enough for me, for Rizla Suzuki crew for this opportunity. This got me hooked to come back here and try it again someday, "Myers said as reported by Crash, Friday (26/07/2011).

Myers also said that riding motorcycles is much better, even he admitted 20 times better than what he imagined all these years. "This is just amazing, this is a dream come true," ecstasy.

Myers became the first female rider to win the AMA Proracing, when he reached for victory in the Champions SuperSport at Infineon Raceway in 2010.

Myers has recorded this season podium at Barber Motorsports Park, plus finish in the top five, overall he looked impressive in the AMA SuperSport Proracing 2011 West Division. Although it had lost two races because of injury.

Meanwhile, Rizla Suzuki team manager Paul Denning admitted impressed by the action of the woman racer. "It's nice to see Elena (Myers) riding a MotoGP machine and look very cool. We can help him fulfill one of her dreams, "said Paul Denning.

Get Ready For Honda CBR Fireblade 2012

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For Honda lovers sport bike ready with the presence of new variant Tuesday, Honda CBR Fireblade 2012. The first detailed photos of this brand-new Fireblade, was widely circulated. Of detail can be seen there is a new body design that seemed stiff bike. This motor is embraced Big Piston Forks, with other last feature is the rear suspension, new speedometer fitted hour and a lighter weight tires. However, Honda's loyal fans to be disappointed after the motor has not been confirmed using a V4 engine spec. 1000cc engine with a capital looks the same as the previous model or the 2011 Fireblade. There was also no sign of a traction motor control. In the gear. Not yet available and no extra buttons are also indications under S1000RR rivals from other electronic features. 2012 Fireblade motorcycle that looked at the picture, do not have a ring speed sensors on the wheel. Honda continues to give customers a choice, to choose a bike without ABS brakes.